Welcome to Diversity Crew

supported by the "Europe for Citizens" programme 2007-2013


The Diversity Crew is a solidarity and independent collective open to any individual who offers his or her story: refusing and struggling against the dangerous fatalism and banality of the discriminatory process, leading to the marginalization and uneasiness of those who are its targets (minimal definition of discrimination: any direct or indirect act having as a consequence the different treatment of a person due to one of her/his characteristics in her disfavor).

The Diversity Crew's members affirm the dignity of each individual, the respect of human rights for all, the richness of differences; assume their responsibilities as citizens and demonstra te by their own lives that harmony within our diversity is possible.

The collective defines itself firstly by the strength of its various and multiple voices, its will of changing mentalities and practices, its spirit and its creative look upon discrimination and how to resist to it at all levels of its influences, addressing, beyond the mental, the heart.

The power of the collective relies on our multiple identities and on the central solidarity affirmed by all its members, beyond any distinction and hierarchy between the grounds of discrimination.

Within the collective, testimonies and stories have as much value as the real presence of the witnesses. Each of us can offer his/her voice to the story of the other, as was done initially at our first European Equality Summit intervention (Berlin, January 2007).

Our testimonies intend to cover all facets of the discrimination mechanisms. They are direct and characterise themselves by their simplicity, their authenticity and their gratuity. Without dramatisation, they simply describe the daily malaise lived by a person, revealing and questioning the complexity and the heavy consequences of any discriminatory act, for the discriminated as well as for the discriminators.

The Diversity Crew offers:

  • Committed witnesses to resist, in a different way, against discrimination
  • Stories to think and understand, in a different way, discrimination
  • A community of learning, exchange and action to live, in a different way, one’s discrimination

Technical support:

  • Internet site – Blog – Videos


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