Brussels | March 2008

… towards the official launch of a new “collective”

Following our final question and feeling the power of our achievement, the desire to go on together appeared quite natural to us… but how and for what?

Recognising the need possibly to create in the long run an horizontal network of young individuals threatened by potential discrimination on the grounds mentioned in article 13 and beyond, standing together and for each other in the quest for equality for all, we decided to take stock of our experience and transform it, allowing others to live similar journeys of solidarity, empowering others to bring forward their identities and use their testimonies as inspiration and confrontation to others… the idea of the Diversity Crew was born. The coming 2008 Year dedicated to intercultural dialogue was also a great opportunity to go on and deepen our work.

Opportunity has been offered to us to meet in Brussels and to pass on for the first time to other faces our experience, contacted from mouth to ear. 13 people attended this meeting and defined together what will be the founding guidelines and tools of the Diversity Crew… which would, from now on, start its irresistible expansion with its official launch in Greece, in Drama, one of the most accessible European cities for people with reduce mobility (14-19 June 2008).

What will come next belongs to all of us!