Imagine that you fear. You fear that people will find out that your ethnicity.

Fear that You will lose your job on the grounds of your ethnicity, fear that your friends will abandon you on the grounds of your ethnicity.

I do not imagine this fear, I must live and experience this fear in everyday life. I fear that should my employers become aware of my ethnicity I will lose my job, or that should certain friends of mine become enlightened to my ethnicity they will reject me. I have been rejected from bars and clubs upon the grounds of my surname, whilst every other member of my group have been granted entry. I was put into a special needs class at the age of seven than for no other reason than my ethnicity, I have found it difficult in the past to find employment because many employers do not want to hire a person of my ethnicity.

But what is it that makes me different you ask, to that I answer I am an Irish Traveller, a white or Irish gypsy if you will. But I say that I am not different, I am the same, I am human, just like you, just like those who discriminate against me, and just like my colleagues on the diversity crew.