Lisbon | November 2007

At the occasion of the evaluation event of the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for all, we were invited back to take part in the assessment process. The idea came that we would act as shadow reporters of the official workshops… bringing then a different light over the achievement of this year, offering our last message as one of its legacy.

“Imagine that in one certain moment it’s impossible for you to avoid being in the spotlight just because of one characteristic. You didn’t choose it. You didn’t ask for it. You’re just put there. What will you do?

Some people will never be under the spotlight and remain comfortably in the shadow. Some people will define themselves not by who they are but by who they are not and who they are against.

Everyday we are reduced to one part of who we are, as if someone would zoom in on one characteristic. Instead of going on being the victim of this detail, we have decided to put it forward using the opportunity of this year. That’s why we’ve been invited here.

In Berlin, with you, we were ready to fight for the recognition of all forms of discrimination. In Lisbon, with or without you, we still are.

Being the “youth panel” was another label that allowed us to speak to you on this stage. In fact it could have been YOU or ANYONE ELSE without the excuse of a label.

Despite of all the differences, what vision can we have together for our future? It was one year of our lives what are we going to do with the rest?

When you first met us, we brought forward one of our characteristic. Today we would like to come out with the rest of who we are.

Can we and do we really want a place for all?

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