Bring People Back to Life

I’m 25 years old (almost)! I stay at my parent’s house and I have an older brother. I am a social worker and I work in a small community.

I joined the Diversity Crew, not because I am being discriminated myself at this moment, but as somebody, who could possibly encounter social exclusion anytime. I am in charge of an office of Social Supporting Services and what I do, is help people find a job, a seminar or other ways of enriching their knowledge and generally, making themselves better. But what I really do,  is work as a mediator for people who suffer from discrimination, both for their aspects of themselves and for the evident attitude of society towards them. So, I deal with Socially Susceptible Groups in order to be included to the society, applying a two level strategy: At a first level, I plan a way to prepare some members of the local society to accept the deviating members and then I prepare the people of the groups properly, so that they could incorporated in the society. So, it is obvious that the people I work with have serious problems of segregation and discrimination.

I, on the other hand, have never been discriminated, at least so far, although as I go back in time and think of my school years, I remember being a very shy girl, with kindness and very gentle manners, but almost all of my classmates didn’t pay any attention to me. As I think of it now, I believe I was like a tiny mosquito for them, almost invisible. So you can say that I have been discriminated in a different, gentler, way.

Generally, I would say that there is a lack of Social Services in my country and we have no Welfare State. Therefore, I am very frustrated, because my role is to help people with problems, but I can’t, because of that lack. When people come to my office to help them, they are sad, desperate, even considering of ending their lives. They need of protection, caring and love. I give that, but only theoretically, because in practice they have needs I cannot fulfill.

Meetings like this one should happen globally. We should show respect and love to all humans, apart from their religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, choices. Personally, it was a great opportunity for me to meet new people, widen my knowledge, express my opinion in a variety of issues, just being me!!!