Appreciation of diversity of the human spectrum and the elimination of all forms of discrimination.


  • Foster solidarity between social groups who experience discrimination
  • Inspire and empower people who experience discrimination to become active and confront their and other people’s discrimination.
  • Raise awareness about the mechanisms of discrimination and how they are expressed in other people’s daily life’s.


Participate in…

  • Training and education activities (Seminars, study sessions, forums, workshops)
  • Ministerial conferences (Equality Summit, Opening Closing sessions of European Years etc.)
  • Youth events (Festivals, cultural fairs etc.)
  • Exhibitions



  • Testimonial stories
  • Presenting discrimination stories we’ve collected (through the use of videos, dvds etc)


Other activities

  • Organizing sessions where people can share their feelings/discrimination stories
  • Campaigning



Short description of the interactive presentation method we’ve used in Berlin and in Lisbon:

  • The message we want to push forward is presented by the use of testimonial stories of people that have experienced discrimination and reinforced by the use of artistic elements in an interactive way that speaks to minds and hearts